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Title: Basic Irish Conversation and Grammar
(Bunchomhrá Gaeilge agus Gramadach)

Author: AJ Hughes
Publisher: Clólann Bheann Mhadagáin, 2016
Level: Beginner and intermediate learners
Softback: 224 pages (A5) + 2 CDs  
ISBN: 978-0-9542834-9-0  
EAN: 9780954283490  
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Book Details

  • Basic Irish Conversation and Grammar is aimed at the beginner, as an independent learner or as part of a class
  • Emphasis is on practical, everyday Irish conversation
  • 17 chapters cover the basic European language threshold
  • Topics include: the person, background, likes/dislikes, daily routine, diary, pastimes, holidays, health, weather, buying and selling, reservations, directions, etc
  • 113 everyday conversations with full English translations
  • Additional recorded grammar drills will help the learner
  • The CDs are recorded by native speakers from the Gaeltacht
  • Additional recordings include useful phrases, phonetic sentences, verb drills, the noun, preposition and adjective
  • The 30,000 word Grammar covers the key areas of language

The Author

Dr A.J. Hughes MA, MèsL, PhD, is the author of this package and he has 35 years’ experience of teaching Irish at five universities in Ireland, Europe and the USA.