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Title: Leabhar Laghdaithe Bhriathra na Gaeilge - The Abridged Irish Verb Book
Author: AJ Hughes MA, MésL, PhD
Publisher: Clólann Bheann Mhadagáin, 2009
Level: All levels
Hardback/Softback: 416 pages (A5)  
ISBN: 978-0-9542834-4-5 (hardback)  
  978-0-9542834-7-6 (softback)  
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£23.00 (includes p&p N Ireland & GB)
£29.00 (includes p&p Ireland & Europe)
£33.00 (includes p&p worldwide)
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Book Details

  • Verb tables in Standard Irish plus dialect notes.
  • 115 verbs conjugated in full plus 3300 verbs cross-referenced in the Index
  • Ideal reference for schools, colleges and the workplace