Clólann Bheann Mhadagáin Ben Madigan Press

Title: The King of Tory: from City to Crag
by Patsy Dan Rodgers

Editor & translator: AJ Hughes MA, MésL, PhD
Publisher: Clólann Bheann Mhadagáin, 2018
Level: All levels
Hardback: 368 pages  
ISBN: 978-0-9954873-1-4  
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£28.00 (includes p&p Ireland & Europe)
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The author: Patsy Dan Rodgers was born in Dublin and, at four years of age, was adopted by a caring couple on Tory Island, County Donegal in the 1940s. He had a fine, healthy life on this lively island, on the edge of the Great Atlantic Ocean as a fisherman, farmer, artist and musician. He rightly resisted attempts to have the island abandoned in the 1970s. He was made King of the island in 1993. Although Patsy cannot write in his native Irish Gaelic he recounts the main events of his life to Dr Art Hughes. It is certainly a story well worth telling and it can take its place as a fascinating and inspirational story in the world’s library.

The editor: Art recorded Patsy’s life in Irish, arranged the material by chapter, translated the book into English and wrote the introduction, appendix and glossary.

Book Contents

Introduction by Art Hughes, Ulster University

Patsy Dan’s life story
Chapter 1 The young child in the city
Chapter 2 ‘A crag in the middle of the sea’ Childhood in Tory
Chapter 3 Currachs and fishing
Chapter 4 Farming
Chapter 5 The year and traditions in Tory
Chapter 6 Saint Colm Cille and the Tory clay
Chapter 7 Tory and Scotland
Chapter 8 Tory and surrounding islands
Chapter 9 Derek Hill and James Dixon
Chapter 10 Portrait of the artist as a young man
Chapter 11 Other visitors to Tory
Chapter 12 Music and song in Tory
Chapter 13 Ships and boats wrecked on Tory
Chapter 14 Tory in danger of abandonment
Chapter 15 The honour of King
Chapter 16 An eye on the past, an eye on the future

Appendix A selection of songs relating to Tory
Grammar notes and glossary
Select bibliography